Vertico pioneers large scale plastic extrusion and concrete printing. With deep industry knowledge we explore the limits of this groundbreaking technology and offer services to realise new design idea's and concepts never before seen.​


Our mission is to be a pioneer in the field of 3D printing, discovering its potential by realising concepts and designs that were impossible before.


Creating a new paradigm in design, art and architecture by removing the barriers of conventional manufacturing.​

We believe that the greatest potential of our technology lies in

utilising the advantages of 3D printing to allow the 

cost-effective production of parametrically & topologically

optimised structures


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Live on location!

Our mobile demonstration printer is a crowd favourite at events and conferences. The setup prints different designs for an entire day and can be programmed at your request.

See this innovation up close.

For more information click here.


Project Realisation

Both our concrete printers are available to for production. We offer a full-service range including 3D design, construction calculations, programming, realisation and transport. 

Check out some the projects we have already realised here.



Want to know more about 3D concrete printing and it's potential?

Join us for a day of printing custom made for your organisation. You can print in-house or we can transport our mobile printer to you.

For a preview video click here.

The Team

Volker Ruitinga

Volker Ruitinga is the founder of Vertico. He founded the company in 2017 with the intention of connecting different makers in the 3D print industry. Pioneers to be exact. Along with friends and enthousiasts he met along the way, he built a concrete printer and is now pushing the limits of this technique.

Lars Kooijman

Lars Kooijman graduated in engineering business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. He helped develop the 3D concrete printer as an intern. He is now operations manager at Vertico and responsible for hardware and software development.

Matthijs Bresser

Matthijs Bresser joined the team after his internship from ROC Midden Nederland as our Design-to-Print Engineer.

He is adept at RAPID and Rhino+Grasshopper. He also focusses on the I/O integration of the robot and auxiliary machinery.


Interns from Hogeschool Utrecht, Windesheim Almere and ROC Midden Nederland have succesfully completed their internships at vertico.


We are always looking for enthusiastic new colleagues to join our adventure.


Don't hesitate to send us a message. Technical internships or thesis projects are more than welcome, but communication internships or research in other areas should also apply. 

Send your CV to

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3 positions available

Start immediately


HBO/WO level

- Construction

- Architecture

- Communication

- Innovation / Entrepreneurship

MBO level

- Mechatronics


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