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Customise your setup

The space available is an important consideration in choosing your solution. Our printers come in many different shapes and sizes of robots, and there are many options and upgrades to consider. 

No concrete printing setup is the same. Here are just some of the things to choose from:

Large robot vs. Small robot

Track vs. Stationary

Accelerated vs. Standard

Light curtains vs. Safety fence

New vs. Refurbished

Space saver - compact solution


Universities and labs often have space restrictions. We have designed and delivered a range of solutions the smallest of which fits in a space 80cm x 120cm! ​

On the right our mid range printer utilising an ABB 4600.

EVA Vertico.png
EVA Vertico 2.png
Vertico 4600 Robot solution.jpg
kano2 - 1.png

Stationary solution

The basic solution is the stationary robot. With a reach of up to 6.4meter wide and 3.2meter deep it is a formidable machine.  

The robot is surrounded by a safety fence or light curtain and has a payload of up to 250kg. More than enough for 3D concrete printing, but this means it can also be used for different operations.

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Upgrades and options


There are many options and upgrades to choose from. 

Raising the height of your robot with our height extension is a great way to increase your capabilities and is a serious consideration for safety and ease-of-use.

The reach can also be increased. This can be done by lengthening the 4th axis or adding a reach extension.

The robot made mobile with our base solution. This also means the robot does not have to be bolted to the ground.

These are just some of the options to choose from.

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