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Hanging Gardens of Wansum

We produced this scale model for artist Christian Odzuck. He has done many projects in public spaces and has now ventured into concrete 3D printing to realise his vision.

This project is inspired by the legend of the hanging gardens. Odzuck describes it as follows:

"The basic idea is to develop a concept based on the idea of the hanging gardens for the Stayerhofweg. The aim is to implement a series of sculptural interpretations of the hanging gardens in concrete print. Accompanied by various performances and concerts to establish a connection of the art pieces with the city. This concept will be presented in the context of Nieuwe Uitzichten and made visible through the exhibition. The concept can then be taken up by the city and worked out for later implementation."

Hanging gardens of Wanssum

Mixed media
5,50 m x 3,20 m x 5,75 m
Odapark center for contemporary art

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