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Vertico Accelerator Printhead

Mai & Vertico launch state-of-the-art 3D concrete printing solution





The Netherlands / Austria – 3D concrete printing takes a step closer to industrial standardization with the latest printhead developed by Vertico and Mai International. Over the years both companies have been very active in this innovative market and have solidified their positions as leaders in the field. Combining Mai’s long-standing experience in mixing and pumping with Vertico’s expertise in robotic 3D printing has resulted in a hardware and software solution that is set to become the new standard in concrete printing.



The Accelerator Printhead Solution boasts a very high mixing quality. The deformations often seen with other solutions are a thing of the past. Blockages of the accelerator inlet are minimized if not eliminated with the pulsation free injection.


Another remarkable upgrade is in the cleaning: with removable counter pins and a patented lining solution, the printhead is close to self-cleaning with minimal disassembly required.

The solution also comes with a 1K printhead for standard concrete printing, and the quick-change device makes the switch easy.


The full solution features multiple in-line pressure and temperature sensors and also measures air humidity, accelerant flow rate, motor torque and much more. All this information is monitored live in order to take timely action. This way you can keep track of your print in real time.

Centralised Control

For an industrial setting reliability and control are essential. In addition to the many features and high quality, the full system can be controlled by a centralized touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI). This user-friendly system, in combination with the monitoring, incorporates all of Vertico’s printing experience. From a startup procedure checklist, to direct setting changes, warnings and monitoring all in one place.

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Monitoring Software


The Monitoring Software displays the key metrics and print settings over time. This information is crucial for a successful print.

Continuing partnership

This new venture is just the beginning. Together Mai and Vertico continue to push the technology to the next level. With new add-on’s to the printhead already under development including a pinch valve, rotating nozzle and color addition.

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