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Centralised monitoring and control

Advanced Process Monitoring and Control.

Creating a reliable proces through quick access to the most relevant parameters.

At Vertico we pride ourselves on continuous improvement. This is evidenced by our focus on direct, centralised control of printing with detailed, live monitoring.

This allows us to react quickly to changing conditions and identify potential failures with the opportunity to remedy them on the fly. Amongst the many, many sensors we monitor are:

- Mortar flow rate

- Accelerant flow rate

- Humidity

- Ambient temperature

- Mortar and accelerant pressure (2x)

- Mortar temperature incoming and outgoing

- Servo temperature

- Servo torque

- ... and much, much more.

All the data that we gather is stored in the cloud. This allows the user of our machine to review prints and compare results over time.

Our centralised control connects the mortar pump, accelerator station, printhead, robot, sensors and monitoring to be viewed and controlled from a single, accessible point. It really pulls the room together.

Not to mention the fact that our touch screen HMI and centralised control makes concrete printing a lot easier for the end user. The value of this should not be underestimated. There is a lot to learn with any innovation, and one shouldn't have to run around looking for the relevant information.

For a the most advanced and complete concrete printing solution on the market, look no further. Email for more information.


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