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Hexastone revealed!

Strength in connection. Presenting the HEXASTONE project! A collaboration between Technische Hochschule Lübeck, Sika and Vertico.

This innovative project breathes new life into age-old structural principles by combining them with cutting-edge production technologies, rethinking the way we currently build with materials.

Please visit our page for more information and the press release here.

The resulting pavilion consists of a dome of 102 interlocking stones spanning about 4,5m in diameter. All 102 distinct stones of the pavilion were 3D printed by Vertico within the record time of 2 printing days. The fully digitized process, from design to production, and the flexible 3d printing enables a vast range of different geometries for the stones and subsequently for the overall shape without additional effort. In addition it is designed for disassembly.

A collaboration aimed at fusing cutting-edge technology with traditional architectural principles. Prof. Herrmann and Prof. Spaeth, pioneers in computational modelling and digital structural design, joined forces with Vertico, specialist in 3D concrete printing and Sika, global leader in construction materials, to create this ground-breaking pavilion.

Thank you to everyone who participated.


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