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HPA Pavilion

Fully 3D printed concrete shell structure.

What's so special about the HPA pavilion?

▪ Parametric design. Through the use of parametric software, many iterations of the pavilion were tested, and based on the structural analysis of the object for weather loads and other forces acting upon it, the final design was approved.

▪ Non-planar printing. The entire structure was split into 8 segments, each of complex geometry with variable height and double curvature. It resulted in the introduction of Vertico's accelerated printhead and controlled conditions in the facility, which allowed the printing of complex geometry.

▪ Sustainability and no custom formwork. One of the major benefits of concrete 3D printing is the potential to eliminate formwork altogether. Not only were the objects printed without any support structure, but they were assembled using only temporary, standard struts, which can be reused for the next project.

▪ Professional team. The innovation couldn't have happened without the consortium of like-minded professionals who are experts in different fields. Big thanks to Herman Broekhuizen, Heilijgers, Bas de Haan, Van der Kamp B.V., Harmen Zijp, De War, Dirk Kaan, Blueways, Diederik Veenendaal, Summum Engineering en Jelle Feringa, Fablab Amersfoort. In addition, this was made possible with the financial support of the Provincie Utrecht.


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