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Launched! Our FREE online slicer

It is our turn to have a world’s first in 3D concrete printing.

We are making the heart of our slicer software available free and fully in the cloud!!

When we first started in large scale 3D printing we struggled to make existing software work for us, so we developed our own. In order to save new makers the pains of these first hurdles, we are making a basic version available for free.

We could not have done this alone. Our partner was essential in utilizing their proprietary platform to make the Rhino 3D + grasshopper application available in the cloud! No small feat. Furthermore, Saxion Lectoraat Industrial Design developed the codebase that now runs in the cloud. A project partnership meant to be.

To learn more about what the software does, why it is free and who made it – visit

Happy slicing!


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