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New Printhead!

BREAKING NEWS. Our new Accelerator Printhead has hit the market. Get ready for the next level in concrete printing.

Our new printhead is the result of a long standing and fruitful collaboration with MAI International. Their expertise in mixing and pumping, combined with our knowledge of printing, robotics and software has resulted in sight to see.

Increased mixing quality, additional sensors, higher volume and much more. Blockages are minimised if not eliminated with the improved injection and a patented chamber design means that the printhead is close to self-cleaning!

The full solution features multiple in-line pressure and temperature sensors and also measures air humidity, accelerant flow rate, motor torque read out and much more. All this information is monitored live in order to take timely action. This way you can keep track of your print in real time.

The centralised control with touch screen HMI and monitoring means you have control over your product. A leap forward in industrial automation for 3D concrete printing.

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