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Vertico Greenfield Residency 2024

Vertico is excited to announce an OPENCALL for universities to participate in an exclusive opportunity to bring their innovative projects to life at our facility.

The goal of this Open Call is to provide students with hands-on experience in the real-world application of robotic manufacturing. Participants will have the chance to work directly with our advanced robotic systems for one full week, gaining invaluable practical skills and seeing their projects come to fruition. This could be using our 3D concrete printing technolgy, but this is not necessary. Other manufacturing experiments are more than welcome.

Our aim is to provide our facility to students that may not otherwise have the chance to use large scale robotics. We hope to facilitate innovation, learning and fun.

Registration deadline: June 12th, 2024 (max 500 word statement)

Production week: First week of November 2024 (flexible)

Detailed submission requirements: email

We are waiting for your submissions and are happy to answer your questions.


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