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Our New Accelerator Printhead

Finally here: video of our new Accelerator Printhead! 🚀

Top of the range 3D concrete printing for sale. This is how we do it.

Available for purchase. For more information please contact

Our Accelerator Printhead technology sets us apart from other concrete printers because it allows us to print extreme angles with high precision. We make fantastically intricate patterns and shapes.

The best-in-class MAI International Multimix 3D is our pump of choice. We connect the mortar pump, dosing pump, Accelerator Printhead and robot to a centralised control system with touch screen interface.

As if that wasn't enough: our monitoring software provides a live view of our sensor data. Multiple pressure sensors, temperature sensors, humidity, torque, rpm, speed and more. The data is collected and stored safely in the cloud for every print.

Need we say more.


Prices for a complete system with robot start at €180,000

For more information visit


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