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Sand moulds!

Shaping sand. Another innovative project that Vertico is proud to be part of. This time printing lattice structures on moulds formed by our robot.

Cristina summarises it best:

"With our research we address the urgent need for circular construction, reduction of raw-material usage for concrete formwork and the development of optimised material depositing strategies to undercut concrete usage. Sand is used as reusable moulds and substructures for 3DCP, thus renouncing the need for traditional timber scaffolding or plastic-based moulding for casting concrete."

We will share more soon enough!


Principal Investigators: assistant professor Cristina Nan and professor Juliette Bekkering, involved in aspects of design, computation and robotic fabrication — Chair of Architectural Design and Engineering (ADE), Eindhoven University of Technology;

Neutelings Riedijk Architects — an award-winning architecture practice based in Rotterdam specialising in complex building design, with Michiel Riedijk and ChaoYu Huang, design development

Summum Engineering — engineer and robotic fabrication expert Alessio Vigorito

Vertico — 3D concrete printing company based in Eindhoven with 3D concrete printing specialists Kees Leemeijer and Orestis Pavlidis

Photography: Kees Leemeijer, Vertico


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