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Vertico part of De Huizenprinters: Tiny House

Our project is underway and we are ready to go under the new name: De Huizenprinters. Heilijgers, Van der Kamp, Blueways, FabLab, De War and Vertico will continue to work together with a common goal of 3D printing a tiny house. The aim to have the building completed by the end of summer 2019.

We are now compiling the long lists of things that we are going to need to complete this ambitious project. We know that we won't be able to complete it alone and as such we will be on the lookout for interested parties that want to join in on this innovative project.

To this end we are organising an (un)conference, in which we invite participants to share their knowledge and learn from others. The first event, named Bouwkoppel #1, is being prepared now and is open for sign-up. See the website for more details:


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