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Water Playground

Vertico has completed a water feature project for the Lankheet Estate. It is a playground with working locks! 

The Lankheet Estate has been (re)discovering traditional water management techniques and using them on medieval irrigation fields. Vertico was asked to create a scale model of these innovative irrigation methods in order to showcase their effectiveness. Now, visitors can learn about the way in which these irrigations systems work while actively participating in simulating them. They can then see these systems in action full scale across the estate.

In order to produce this object, Vertico and client Eric Brinkmann of the Lankheet Estate, planned out the models on a smaller scale. Desinger Iman Hadzhivalcheva then converted these drawings to CAD and to robot code.

As part of a large project by the Rijn en IJssel Water Board on Landgoed Lankheet, we were asked to 3D print a work of art in concrete. Decades ol irrigation systems have been remade on the estate to showcase the power of traditional methods. To offer insight into these techniques, which stretch across the large estate we have printed a scale model with working locks. These serve an educational purpose, whereby primary schools and enthousiasts can admire the innovativeness of our ancestors, and can actively turn the water around.


For this project no wooden moulds were needed to cast the many meandering rivers, but we were able to optimally use the freedom of shape of 3D printing to realize the complicated shapes.


Thanks to the Rijn & IJssel Water Board, Lankgoed Lankheet, Van Heteren, Bart-Jan Scheltens, Rouwmaat Groep, Iman Hadzhivalcheva and of course Eric Brinckmann

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