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Voronoi Wall

The Green Façade is the first 3d concrete printed structure in Twente realized by the cooperation between Saxion Industrial Design Research Group, De Witte van der Heijden Architecten, Vertico Large Scale 3D printing and Trebbe.


In 2016 Saxion Industrial Design Research with head lector Karin van Beurden initiated a 2 year research project on 3D concrete printing RAAK KONKREET sponsored by SIA.


George de Witte from De Witte van der Heijden suggested that the structure be created for the interior garden of Stepping Stones’ building realized by Trebbe. The basic design was developed by Iman Hadzhivalcheva under the project management of Ivo Vrooijink. The final design was made via parametric modelling in which each piece was made to have unique form, fit on a palette for easier transportation and weight under 50 kg so the big structure can be built by stacking the pieces on top of each other by two people. 


The 50 unique elements were printed using our large ABB robot arm and a gantry by Rohaco. The façade weights approximately 2,5 tons. The transport and installation was managed by Trebbe.

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